Nimbus9 - Phantom 2 Case Carbon for Samsung Galaxy S10+

SKU: 120-2031
MSRP: $39.95
UPC: 811433033752
Model: SSs10pN9PHCB
Color: Carbon
Master Case Pack Qty: 96
Inner Case Pack Qty: 48
Stock Status: Phasing Out - End of Life
Perfect Synergy of Strength and Aesthetics.

Key Selling Points
  • Military Standard: Phantom 2 is certified to meet and exceed military protection standard. Let’s bring a supreme safeguard to your device.
  • Perfectly Clear: An esthetically designed see-through case with different brilliant colors, suits all kinds of personalities while adding proven protection.
  • Real Sense: Super responsive detachable metallic buttons gives users a redefined experience. Enjoy taking a selfie with no impediments at all.
  • Hexa Pattern: Powerful 3D texture that perfectly encases your device with a mesmerizing look while providing optimal shock suspension.